Welcome to Bel Air Jewelry

Fred - President of BelAir Jewelry/ Professional Designer
I’ve always been interested in design. In 1986 after success in designing women's clothing for
larger companies I felt a sort of restlessness take hold. I wanted something more; something
that was my own. I can still remember the night. It was warm for a December evening and I was
crossing Olive in the Jewelry district to meet a friend for coffee. One of the jewelry cases was
brighter for some reason, I don’t know if it was a new bulb or the owner had a sense for
marketing; but it beamed. I stood there in awe. The way silver wrapped around gold, weaving
through diamonds and sapphires; it was then that I decided jewelry was my calling. It’s been a
long road, but I opened my company on the eve of June 1988, by chance I’ve accumulated an
amazing staff, and together we continue to build a business I am both passionate and proud of.

Adriana - Office Manager/ GIA Certified Buyer
Initially my husband was an artist and photographer and he peeked my interest in art and
design. That, along with a summer job selling jewelry, led me enrolling at the Gemologist
Institute of America. During one of my classes I met Fred. I noticed his amazing taste for
jewelry. Over lunch we talked about his business and I was fascinated with his process, mind an
the his designs. He offered me a part-time position traveling with him to jewelry shows around
the country showcasing his pieces. As they say, the rest is history. I’ve now worked in the
business with Fred for twenty years. I still can’t believe that my journey in the world of jewelry all
began with a chance introduction in room C213 of my old school. Personally I’m a happy wife
and mother of two lovely girls. They fill all my days with laughter and remind me of the beauty of
life. I am so thankful to have my family and to be doing what I love.

Faith - Business/Marketing Consultant
I can still remember my friend’s text. It was so simple, and yet it’s lead to such a wonderful
journey. All it said was, “this jewelry company has an opening and could use you, are you in?”
After meeting with Fred and his wonderful staff, I went home to think it over. I didn’t sleep that
night. Like a mad-scientist I pulled out a yellow pad and began scratching idea after idea.
There’s just so much a passionate team like Bel Air can accomplish. I think my first presentation
for them was as thick as an instruction manual. Together we’ve plowed through some amazing
changes and we continue to expand with technology and new innovations.

Denis - Web Master
Seven years ago Fred contacted me from an old friend he’d met in Russia. He’d heard that I
had been working on a large historical jewelry project. After inspecting my work and a few
meetings he showed me his products. I instantly saw the possibilities, my eyes were alight with
the ideas on how to showcase his talent. We began working together immediately. I wanted to
modernize his company and pushed Fred to sell online. I had recently received my degree from
LAVC for web developing/design. I created a large database so that Fred could start using the
website like a catalog. Now, it’s a fully functioning site that everyone can buy from with ease. My
other passion is film making. I have connections with celebrities, and wanted to start bringing
my work into the company. I’m proud that the actors in my films are now gleaming with our finest

Nadia - Gemstone Identification Specialist/ Data Entry 
Two years ago while inspecting gems at JCK in Los Vegas I started speaking with a unique man
by the name of Fred. His passion for jewelry roped me in. I started working with him at trade
shows and was eventually connected with Denis, the web designer. I had previous experience
on websites, so I took over inspecting the physical jewelry and entering detailed information
about the gems into the site. Personally, I also have a beautifully active five year old son. Fred
ardors him, so I frequently bring him into the office to visit. Bel Air isn’t just my part-time job,
they’re like family.